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Darren Hayes
As you know, Darren is solo. Go to www.darrenhayes.com to listen to insatiable (30sec)
Darren Hayes is the lead singer of the Australian band Savage Garden. Don't forget his birthday, pretty soon!
Name: Darren Hayes
D.O.B: 8 May 1972
Born: Brisbane, Australia
Length: 1.72
Eyes: Blue
Haircolor: Blonde
Siblings: sorry, don't know their names one older brother and one older sister
Parents: Robert and Judy Hayes (not sure)
Pets: Two dogs
Fave color: dusky blue, though he wears black a lot (well, he used to)
Fave food: Darren was a vegetarian. He loves Tai and Italian food
Movie: Star Wars
Music: U2, Prince, Michael Jackson
Darren is working on a solo album at the moment!

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones plays guitar and keyboard and co-write the songs.
D.O.B: 22 July 1973
born: England (Essex)
Length: 1:80
Siblings: youngest of three brothers
Food: satay chicken, pasta, Time Out chocolate bars
Movie: Everything with Meg Ryan (sleepless in Seattle, When Harry met Sally)
Fave colour: pms 300 (a brilliant blue)
Fave actor: Meg Ryan, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino
Haircolour: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Daniel has signed the first band to his record label, they are called Halogen. Not for long though! They are changing their name. Go visit www.halogen.com.au
Daniel is very camera-shy. He doesn't do many interviews and let Darren do that part.
Daniel has a new girlfriend! Her name is Kathleen, according to Samantha!

Savage Garden SPLIT
source-billboard.com :(
Australian pop duo Savage Garden, which over four years sold 20 million copies worldwide of its two albums -- "Savage Garden" and "Affirmation" -- has split. Singer Darren Hayes broke the news to Australian journalists by phone from his home in San Francisco while promoting his upcoming debut solo album, "Spin."

"I always thought we'd do three or four albums before I went solo," Hayes said. "But that's it, Savage Garden is done." However, Hayes had not informed his partner, guitarist Daniel Jones, who was told by his father after seeing a report on TV. Jones telephoned Hayes, then called a conference in his hometown of Brisbane to confirm the split. "Darren was very apologetic that the media found out before I did," Hayes said. "We're still good friends."

Savage Garden formed in Brisbane in 1994 when English-born Jones put an ad in a music magazine. Their songs "Truly Madly Deeply," "To The Moon and Back," "I Want You," and "I Knew I Loved You" were inspired by their love for '80s glam pop. Released in 1997, the "Savage Garden" album (on Columbia for most of the world, and JWR/Roadshow in Australia) sold 12 million copies worldwide, and remains the longest running Australian album to stay at No. 1 on the official Australian Record Industry Association charts (12 weeks). The sophomore set, "Affirmation" has sold more than 8 million copies.

Savage Garden was the most played act on Australian radio and TV from July 1999 to June 2000, according to the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA). This year, the act won performing rights association ASCAP's most broadcast track award for "I Knew I Loved You."

Jones found being in the spotlight exhausting, and preferred working in the studio or on his yacht. Hayes said that Jones' dislike of touring was so severe that the "Affirmation" album was almost scrapped a week before release. He stayed on when Hayes promised him he would do all the publicity for the album. But he later said, "we could have been bigger if we'd done more promotion."

After their world tour finished in December 2000 in South Africa, Savage Garden announced a two-year break. Hayes recorded his album, said to be more electronic, in the United States. Jones launched a label, Meridienmusik. His first signing, Queensland pop duo Aneki -- which features former Savage Garden backup singer Jennifer Waites -- had a top-30 Australian hit with its single "Pleased to Meet You," which Jones co-wrote.

-- Christie Eliezer, Melbourne

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