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Kenshin info page
Here you can find everything you need to know about Rurouni Kenshin. Yep, you've guessed it! It's *the* Info page!


Himura Kenshin was the legendary Hitokiri battousai, but now he's a rurouni (a wandering swordsman)who doesn't kill anymore and fights only to protect the ones he loves. You can identifie him by his red hair and "X" scar on his cheek. He is well-known to both friends and foes. When Kenshin was a child, he lost both his parents to this dissease called cholera. His name was originally Shinta, until Hiko Seijuro found him. He changed his name into Kenshin because Shinta isn't tough enough.
  Sanosuke, Hiko, Megumi
Sagara Sanosuke
He was previously a member of the "Red Report Army".He was a streetfighter, a very good one. After his battle with Kenshin, he realized Kenshin wasn't as bad as he thought and became a part of the Kamiya Dojo.

Seijuurou Hiko
Hiko is Kenshin's master and he told Kenshin how to do the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu school. Hiko is mostly quiet, and does not seem to care for others on the surface, but he does deep down. Hiko is a bit arrogant. He's a good man, though. Kenshin almost kills him when he does the succession technique luckily he held back at the last second and he took care of him. Hiko actually is stronger then Kenshin.

Takani Megumi
Megumi used to make a very strong opium, she stopped doing that and became, thanks to Kenshin and friends, a great doctor. When she is first introduced, she seems a bit selfish and cold hearted, but later on we see the real her.

Kaoru Aoshi Yahiko
Kamiya Kaoru is 17 years old and the main female character of the comic. She was the acting master of Kamiya Dojo which was founded by her father. After she met Kenshin, she asked him to stay. her cooking is really, really bad though! Poor Kenshin!

Shinomori Aoshi
Aoshi is the leader of the Oniwabanshu. He is a master at kempo and also with his kodachi. He never smiles and leads quite a serious life. Aoshi always appears cold and detached, that's because he's hiding his emotions. He does has a sweet, caring side because he is protective of Misao and doesn't want to see her get hurt.

Yahiko Myojin
Yahiko is a 10 year-old descendant of the prestigious Tokyo Shizoku. Yahiko's parents died during the Boshin War and he became an orphan. He was taken in and raised by a gang since. One day, he meets Kenshin and he saves him from the gang. He's being trained by Kaoru.

What's in a name?
The name of Kenshin creates a very aggressive and independent nature, one with big ambitions, giving you original, progressive, large-scale ideas, salesmanship and promotional ability as well as the excellent business judgment which enables you to gain the financial accumulation to which you feel entitled. You have a versatile, restless nature, and could do any job well, although you would not like to do menial tasks. You are seldom satisfied and are always seeking something new. However, you do not know the meaning of relaxation, for when supposedly resting, your mind is forever active, planning out some new project or seeking new ways to improve your present enterprise. You could organize the work of others, though in your impatience to see the job done efficiently, you would likely step right in and do it yourself. Your intense, restless nature can bring on tension which affects the solar plexus and digestion, or the generative organs.

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This was Kenshin's sensei.

Sanosuke is one of Kenshin's friends.