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Interview with Goku (not real, all fiction)
I=interviewer G=Goku

I: Goku, how are you doing?
G: I feel fine!
I: How do you feel, now you saved the world and possibly, even the entire Universe?
G: I'm doing great! Besides, I did't do it alone, I had some help from the other Z fighters. I am a bit hungry though! Have you got something to eat for me?
I: er..sure.. (calls someone to order food)
G: Gee, thanks!
I: (watches Goku in disgust while he's eating in quite a savage way)
I: Okay, back to the interview. Goku, how did you manage to defeat the extremely powerful monsters?
G: (chew chew) Well, I was fighting and those monsters were strong, very strong, so I thought "Hey, why don't I turn super saiyan?" So that's what I did, basicly!
I: And you mentioned you had some help, what did they do?
G: Let's see...Oh yeah! They were already fighting when I arrived! I was really busy doing something else, I don't remember what, that i didn't get there in time. Luckely nobody died.
I: You always seem to get to the scene just a bit late. How come?
G: Well, I died once and er.. I fell of of snakeway and arrived a bit late. So naturally, I was late when we were supposed to fight Nappa and Vegeta.
The second time was because I was still recovering from the fight with Vegeta. So I had to catch up with the others.
I: And what happened this time?
G: Err...I'm trying to remember what I was doing..Let's see..Oh, right! I was learnig how to cook, 'cause Chi-Chi was angry at me for letting Gohan go, and I was really hungry
I: Okay, that's it! Are you really this er..naive?
(mutters words sounding like idiot and buffoon)

More coming soon!
The railway story
Just imagine what would happen if you were waiting for the train and all of a sudden, you see Kenshin walking towards you! What would you do? Here's what I would do. (If you want your version on this site, mail me at kenshinvdw@yahoo.com)

I was waiting for the train to arrive, and I was just thinking about the fact that the train's always late when I need to be somewhere fast. All of a sudden I saw someone walking towards me. I didn't pay much attention because it's a railway station, there are lots of people around! Well what was it then, that made me feel like I knew the guy walking in my direction? I decided to take another look.
This time the young man was standing still, only a couple of steps away from me. "Mmmm...strange fella", I thought to my self. Walks around with a pink kimono or something like it, and a white hakama. And then his sword! If the security saw him walking around with a weapon like that, there'd be trouble! His hair was bright red, as if it was on fire. And he had a cross scar on his cheek.

Alright! That's it, that's al I'm writing aboutit! It's up to someone else to finish this story. :)
Go to Fanfiction.net
A few days ago, my brother and I wrote a fanfic. If you want to read it, it's pretty disgusting, go to www.fanfiction.net click on the anime link, Rurouni Kenshin and look for a fic written by RutsuSatoshi.
It's called "Whoops!"
Don't worry, it's all a joke! The characters ar all OOC and there's alot of yaoi... :p